Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2017!

As soon as the Christmas adverts start to appear on our screens, I believe it is the official mark of the start of this season. Throughout the years we have seen John Lewis trump all other companies with their emotive music and meaningful storylines with the goal to melt the hearts of the nation. However, the competition to create the best advert increases every year, as budgets rise in the millions in order to satisfy us consumers to buy into their company this Christmastime.

In 2017, we have seen many, many Christmas adverts and it’s only the third day of December! So, I have come to the conclusion that these are my top 10…

10. Aldi

Kevin the carrot is back! And settles at spot number ten. Kevin’s romantic adventures on a train is definitely an interesting and different Christmas ad to any others. It did kind of cringe me out though! A little too cheesy for my liking, sorry Aldi!

9. Asda ‘Best Christmas Ever’

At number nine is Asda! The factory style of this advert is very different to any other adverts I’ve seen. However, it didn’t give me the wow factor like some others have done and probably not my idea of the best Christmas ever.

8. Tesco’s #EveryonesWelcome ‘Turkey, Every Which Way’

Tesco’s have been realistic in this advert, they show that Christmas isn’t as perfect as some try to make it seem. Things go wrong and that’s okay! I did find the advert a little dull which is why it only ranks at number eight.

7. Boots #ShowThemYouKnowThem

Boots’ advert comes in at number seven with a lovely concept and storyline. However, it makes me feel guilty because I am awful at Christmas shopping and struggle to ‘Show Them You Know Them’ as it were. So I will be shopping at Boots this year in the hope that this statement comes true!

6. Amazon ‘Give’ 60″

At number six is Amazon’s advert. I love the style of this advert with the sweet song and the singing Amazon boxes. It’s just unique and simple which I like very much.

5. Sky

Sky’s advert ranks at number five on my list. Watching films at Christmas is one of my favourite things, The Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve is a tradition I don’t think I will ever stop, I just love it so much. So to see this family going through life whilst watching the same film as the years go by is so lovely and it actually made me cry (which was a first for this year).

4. Heathrow Airport #HeathrowBears

At number four is the Heathrow Bears. They are just the cutest bears going through life like the rest of us. The development of their family over the years is so sweet and also brought a tear to my eye.

3. John Lewis #MozTheMonster

As always John Lewis creates an emotive advert with an adorable child who’s scared of the monster under his bed. I think this is so sweet as it shows children that there is nothing to be afraid of. Plus I actually love Elbow’s song used in this!

2. M&S Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

The M&S advert comes in second purely due to its comedic value. I love Paddington anyway, but he is so oblivious to what is truly going on and is simply helping out who he thinks is Santa on Christmas. The sweet ending is just the holly on a Christmas pud! I #LoveTheBear

1. Sainsbury’s #EveryBitOfChristmas

This advert has had some mixed reactions from the public. From calling it atrocious to it being incredibly catchy, Twitter has heard it all. I personally love this advert because the song is so infectious, I find myself singing along to it whenever its on and have even watched it multiple times on YouTube. It speaks the reality of Christmas and what many of us call traditions here in the UK.

I personally love Christmas adverts, despite it all just being a massive PR stunt and is simply a way to make more sales. But it works, so really what is the harm of a little extra Christmas spirit?

Talk Soon, Em x

What Is PR?

Since I decided to do my degree in public relations, I have been asked multiple times what exactly that is. It is not a very well known concept amongst the general public and in my mind is very hard to explain whilst giving it justice.

Whenever I tell people what degree I am doing at Uni, the main response is “Oh, what does that involve?”. Overtime I have created the generic response of “managing reputations of companies”. I personally know that this does not sum up PR but to others this creates an idea of the subject and we move on. However, PR is so much more than managing reputations. That is one thing I love about this course, it is going to give me a wide range of knowledge and experience which I can then take with me into the industry.

If I were to explain what PR is to you now, the list would be incredibly long! However, here are a few key areas that PR & Comms covers.

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Sponsorship
  • Supporting Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • Corporate PR
  • Strategic Communication
  • Internal Communications
  • Copywriting

pr quote 1

In the industry you can either work in-house or for an agency. In-house is when you work for a single company and your job is to manage that brand. Whereas, an agency will deal with multiple companies at a single time. There isn’t much difference in the day to day tasks done by a PR professional within these two areas, plus every day in this job is likely to change anyway!

Also, public relations does interlink with other areas such as Journalism and Marketing very well and that is what makes it even harder to define exactly what PR is.

Anyway I hope this has clarified some things for those of you who were unsure on what PR is! And I’m sure I will learn in much more detail what exactly PR is in the next three years of my degree, so I will update you later on!

Talk soon, Em x